Hi, I'm Fritz.

I’m a full-stack web developer, UI designer and tech consultant. Many of my clients are nonprofits, universities and government agencies.

I’m currently based between San Francisco and South Africa, but I work with clients across the globe.


Web Development

I work with my clients to develop user-friendly, interactive online tools, apps and websites. I'm committed to responsive design and to keeping up with the latest technologies and approaches. As a full-stack developer, my skills and many years of experience mean that I'm comfortable taking a project from idea to implementation.

Data Visualization & Infographics

I have done a variety of data viz and infographic work, ranging from static images for print to interactive online visualizations. I'm a big believer in the power of these tools to make data more accessible, and in their ability to make exploring complex data easier.

User Interface Design

I've done user interface design and implementation for many high-impact organizations, including Bloomberg Philanthropies, University College London, Anglia Ruskin University, the South African Government, International Budget Partnership, and Code for South Africa. With my background in psychology and many years working with a diverse range of organizations, I know the importance of accessible, user-centered design.

Data, UX & Research Support

I love data and research. As an MSc graduate from King's College London and LSHTM, I received extensive training in research methods and statistical analysis. I help organizations use data collection and database software, and I have led training workshops on governent budget analysis and on conducting user experience (UX) research.

Featured Projects

Notable Clients & Collaborators

I've worked on projects for the following high-impact organizations.

University College London

Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa

Anglia Ruskin University

International Budget Partnership

National Treasury of South Africa

Gordon Institute of Business Science


Livity Africa

Social Justice Coalition

Ndifuna Ukwazi

My Vote Counts

Good Governance Africa